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These decadent emulsified sugar scrubs make your skin feel amazingly moisturized and gently exfoliated. Different than a typical sugar scrub, when introduced to water, this creates a lotion-like feel. Made with Fair Trade, Organic Sugar and the finest oils. These jars are 9oz of the best part of your day.

Emulsified Sugar Scrubs

PriceFrom $4.00
  • *Sand & Sea is a spa like fragrance highlighting fragrances of almond balanced with coconut, sea salt and cherrywood. A unique and intoxicating fragrance. (the mica in this scrub can leave a very subtle gold shimmer on the skin)

    *Snowy Owl Caffeinated Sugar Scrub is a truly unique and special blend of our fantastic emulsified sugar scrub, fair trade, organic sugar, with the finest, finely ground coffee beans (locally sourced from our friends at Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters in Brewster, MA), and caffeine powder. This has a very light exfoliation and a rich coffee fragrance. It will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated! Look for the complimenting soap!


    *High Tide smells like clean air and beach living - just like our best selling soap with the same name!

    *Honeyed Pineapple is a juicy sweet pineapple fragrance available for a limited time!

    *Cherry Almond - the classic fragrance is our newest favorite!

    *Beach Plum Vanilla is our best selling fruity, warm fragrance. Find it as a body lotion, mermaid scales, bar soap and foaming hand soap!

    *Coconut is a wonderful warm true coconut fragrance.

    *Under the Stars boasts an effervescent citrus top note softened with geranium and cognac. A unique and sophisticated scent. Pair this with our shampoo bar of the same name!

    *Orange Cream Pop is the perfect blend of sweet orange and decadent vanilla cream.

    All of our scrubs are meant for EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

  • organic sugar, sweet almond oil rice bran oil, organic coconut oil, apricot kernal oil, Emulsifying wax, steric acid, beeswax, phenoxyethanol & caprylyl glycol (preservative), mica, fragrance

    *Snowy Owl Scrub ingredients
    organic Sugar, sweet almond oil, coffee grounds, rice bran oil, organic coconut oil, apricot kernal oil, emulsifying wax, steric acid, beeswax, caffeine, phenoxyethanol & caprylyl glycol (preservative), fragrance

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