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Bath and body products that make you feel and smell good

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Cape Inspired     Mindfully Sourced     Small Batch

Our products are designed to elevate your bathing experience. You can trust that they are formulated to be the very best for your skin as well as functional art to bring joy to your day! We love what we do and hope that it comes through in every item you use!

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What We Do

We make all of our products in our home workshop, and have since 2016. Research is our passion, and we use our love of learning to enhance and expand our product lines. We love meeting our customers, especially when you share how our products have helped brighten your day, helped you through a hard time, or helped you celebrate someone!

Who We Are

Wash Ashore Soaps is a small business, owned and operated by Krista and Fred Csontos (and our two teenage children when they're available). Krista is a microbiologist who followed her Coast Guard husband around the country until they settled on Cape Cod, and later in Alabama. We are inspired by our love of the nature and people around us.

Why We Do It

We hear it all of the time - you can't use just 'any' soap. And we get it!  As a person who was also always instructed to stick to (those boring, unscented, uncolored, unfun) bars, I was DELIGHTED to find out that a well formulated handmade soap not only didn't hurt me, but HELPED me. And while you should always listen to your physician, if you haven't tried handmade soap yet, we hope you will. You might find that your skin will thank you for it.

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